First, let’s talk money NFTs

Let’s imagine NFTs are like a notarized document, or a certificate of ownership for a unique digital asset, holding key transactional information that can be proven through secure smart contracts.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT for short) can also be seen as the digitized information of a specific asset, either digital or physical. Currently, there are many dedicated NFT marketplaces where anyone can sell, they are most commonly found in gaming, digital art, music, sports collectibles, among many others. When buying an NFT, there is a record of the uniqueness of an NFT on a blockchain (a system that serves as a virtual ledger where all of the NFT-related transactions are kept securely). In summary, NFT marketplaces connect creators with their public through secure transactional interactions and systems.

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No more door-to-door sales

A lot of people think that selling stale chocolate and coupon books to relatives, co-workers and neighbors are things from the past.

Let’s imagine for a second, students selling their artwork, music, and even moments like the game’s touchdown, or a school band performance as photographs and videos, all of it happening in the FirstRoot platform, a secure NFT marketplace made for kids.

Create, earn, learn, invest

With every NFT sale made, a percentage of the earnings goes directly to the students wallet and to the school shared treasury… Why?

Students learn how to manage money by earning real money. The school shared treasury grows, and the money raised is then used in a collaborative financial decision-making program called Participatory Budgeting.

School fundraising, reimagined

With FirstRoot, school fundraising has a whole new meaning. Kids earn real money while helping their school become a better place.

In addition to NFTs and fundraising, FirstRoot platform also enables Teachers with Financial Literacy and Civics solutions like Participatory Budgeting and standard-aligned curriculum. Lastly, FirstRoot also welcomes artists to be sponsors, selling their NFTs will contribute to the school.

Financial management, made for kids.

FirstRoot is building a complete platform for financial management solutions, we help teach kids how to manage money, by giving them real money to manage!

Make a real impact and support a school!

Make a contribution directly to a school and help reach their goal to improve the school with project-based learning programs like participatory budgeting.

Huegel Elementary School 2nd PB Cycle!

The goal is to reach $2,000 for Participatory Budgeting


George Washington High School 1st PB Cycle!

We’re close to our $2,000 goal, help us get there!


Fremont High School Participatory Budgeting

We’ve achieved our $5,000 goal, but we can do more!


Denver South High School 1st PB Cycle!

The goal is to reach $2,000 for Participatory Budgeting

Why everyone loves FirstRoot

Kids love it because they’re in control of the money raised through the FirstRoot wallet, and teachers love it because transparency and safety are built into the platform.

Let’s reinvent the way school fundraising works!

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