Published On: February 2, 2022
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First For You

Why does this matter to you?

Partners — If you have children in the Connecticut public school system — get excited! Soon, they might have an incredible opportunity to learn about financial literacy and civic engagement while making lasting changes to their school. And if not, we have a way for you to introduce Participatory Budgeting in your time at home.

PTAsHas your school applied to be part of Connecticut’s Participatory Budgeting program? It’s an opportunity your students won’t want to miss. Below, we’ve outlined why we’re proud of the state for implementing this opportunity, and we offer a way to get involved in PB on your own, too.

Principals — Participatory Budgeting is an easy way to bring financial literacy and civics lessons to students in a firsthand fashion. If you didn’t get a chance to grab state funds for the program, you may want to consider creating an opportunity of your own. We share our reasoning as well as an easy way to bring PB to your students in the post below.

More About Participatory Budgeting in Connecticut

We’re clearly big fans of participatory budgeting, and we’re incredibly proud to see the process being used by others around the world. Recently, the Connecticut state education department announced $1.5 million in federal relief funds would be directed toward student proposals — the PB process at its finest.

What Connecticut is Saying

Some of the most powerful quotes from Connecticut officials regarding how participatory budgeting will benefit students include “It’s not about them without them,” and “we’ve got to learn from (students’) voices.”

The public funds will be dispersed among several school districts throughout the state, with officials having already begun the application process. Some of the top benefits they are looking forward to include:

  • Modeling the importance of civic engagement and democratic processes before students enter into adulthood
  • Teaching budgeting skills with real money.
  • Discovering students’ wishes through winning projects — especially those that adults would be unlikely to imagine.

After applications are approved, they’ll be divided into the state’s relief fund categories — technology, learning acceleration, student well-being, and family and community member connections.

How Other States Can Get Involved in Participatory Budgeting

We believe all states should include Participatory Budgeting in their relief plans, as well as other school funds when applicable. But if your state isn’t introducing this forward-thinking action quite yet, you can still get your student(s) involved.

FirstRoot is a Participatory Budgeting solution for schools, clubs, and families that uses real money to produce real results. Our signature process of discovering, dreaming, designing, deciding, and doing gives kids the power to make a difference and build necessary life skills as they become financially literate, civilly engaged citizens.

If you’re ready to join Connecticut’s forward-thinking and jump into the Participatory Budgeting process today, contact our FirstRoot team. We’d love to guide you through the first few steps, and let your students lead the way from there.