DEAI at FirstRoot

FirstRoot Diversity, Equality, Accessibility and Inclusion Policies

In our workspaces and in our work, FirstRoot values every employee, partner, vendor, and volunteer — regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation, identity, education, or physical ability. Our commitment to Diversity, Equality, Accessibility, and Inclusion (DEAI) extends equal opportunities for employment and advancement to everyone. That means respecting diverse backgrounds and beliefs to guarantee each person feels respected and heard.

The essence of Participatory Budgeting (PB) in schools is participation, enabling the least represented constituents in school administration, students, to have a voice. In short, PB exemplifies many of the tenets of inclusion:

  • It challenges assumptions that prohibit equality while promoting engagement.
  • It creates a meritocracy that rewards innovative thinking and effort, negating bias.
  • It fosters a culture that demonstrates respect for diverse opinions.
  • It gives agency and power to young people during a critical passage of their lives.

As a leader in PB, FirstRoot is dedicated to modeling the principles of DEAI. Here’s how we plan to do it.

Hiring Practices

FirstRoot believes that talent comes in all colors, genders, and physical abilities — without regard to religious practices or how people self-identify. We recognize that our success relies on the quality and skill of our teammates. As a result, FirstRoot is committed to hiring and retaining the most skilled people, whatever their values, ethnicity and personal beliefs to ensure our growth. We value diversity because varied perspectives and insights promote innovation and business success. They make us more creative, productive and competitive. Contributors from many backgrounds provide us with wide-ranging knowledge and experiences.

A Welcoming Culture

We treat all people with respect and dignity, fostering a supportive environment that enables individuals to realize their potential, regardless of their differences. Highly-valued, intrinsically-motivated employees and partners are more productive. They’re also better teammates and more customer-centric, willing to acknowledge the needs of others and to collaborate to solve problems.

Opposing Discriminatory Employment Practices

Racism, ageism, sexism and other types of discrimination are destructive to our company and society at large. This includes “accepted” systemic practices, such as unequal pay for women and aging-out qualified older employees. FirstRoot is committed to combatting all types of discriminatory employment practices at all levels of the company. In addition to complying with all state and federal employment guidelines, we’ll work to root out legacy prejudices and disadvantages embedded in antiquated employment protocols. We have instituted processes for reporting discriminatory behavior or harassment.

Combating Sexual Harassment

FirstRoot will not tolerate any form of sexual harassment. Our company was founded on the principles of mutual respect and collaboration, and sexual harassment violates everything we stand for. As a result, this policy applies to every person in our company regardless of management level, function, seniority, status, gender, sexual orientation, or other characteristics. Also, it extends to investors, contractors, customers and everyone who interacts with FirstRoot.