Denver South High School Participatory Budgeting

Let’s raise at least $2,000 for Denver South High School!

Denver South High School in Denver, CO is launching its first Participatory Budgeting program. The seed funding is $1,000 from the FirstRoot School Fund. Our goal is to raise at least $1,000 in additional funds. Will you help us?

The program is being managed by KJ Larson, and inspiring and dynamic teacher committed to building life skills while engaging students.

Update 14-Mar-2022:

  • Thanks to Chris Benham for contributing
  • Thanks to Carol McEwan for contributing
  • Thanks to Steve Spearman for contributing
  • Thanks to Tricia Broderick for contributing

We’re very excited to support Denver South High Schools first PB cycle!

The students are committed to making their school a better place. With your support, they can do even more.

Sponsoring the Participatory Budgeting program helps students:

  • Experience democracy in action by them with concrete evidence of the benefits of voting and getting involved!
  • Engage in all aspects of design thinking as they create, refine, vote, and fund proposals
  • Strengthen the school community by creating alignment and positive interactions among all stakeholders: students, teachers, parents, and administrators
  • Create self-confidence and civic pride as their proposals are implemented
  • Develop financial literacy skills, including budgeting and financial planning

You should know this about your contribution:

  • While FirstRoot will manage the funds, the students will determine how the funds are spent
  • Contributions are not tax deductible
  • Contributions are not refundable
  • Stripe charges a small processing fee to manage transactions
  • If the program is cancelled your contribution will be applied to a different school
  • Unless you tell us otherwise, we reserve the right to list your name as a contributor and the amount you contributed

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We have raised $1,400
Our goal? $2,000

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