FirstRoot School Fund

2022 Fundraising Campaign

The purpose of the FirstRoot School Fund is to promote PB by making targeted grants to schools to help them initiate programs. Our one condition is that students are in control of these funds. The FirstRoot School Fund enables us to further our corporate mission while promoting equity.

Our goal is finding schools to sponsor with our program funds and initiating more campaigns to fund more schools and Participatory Budgeting programs. We hope you will join us by donating to the FirstRoot School Fund today.

We’re happy to create targeted campaigns for specific schools. Contact us at for more information.

Thank you for helping FirstRoot make a real impact!

Now… before you get worried about what students will do with real money, you should consider what students in other schools have done:

  • Students at Fremont High School in Sunnyvale were given $2,000 and used the money to purchase more outside seating and a glass case for posting flyers
  • Students at The Academy of American Studies in Long Island City, Queens, NY were given $2,000 and used the money to purchase more feminine hygiene products, a 3D Printer, and science equipment
  • Students at Huegel Elementary School in Madison, WI purchased a new tree, soccer nets, graduation caps, and fidget toys

Participatory Budgeting is more than just giving kids money. It is helping them understand how to make decisions about money and giving them tools they can use as they work on improving their own finances, such as saving for college, learning how taxes work, or understanding a budget.

Sponsoring the Participatory Budgeting program helps Gunn students:

  • Experience democracy in action by providing students with concrete evidence of the benefits of voting and getting involved!
  • Engage in all aspects of design thinking as they create, refine, vote, and fund proposals during the PB Cycle
  • Strengthen the school community by creating alignment and positive interactions among all stakeholders: students, teachers, parents, and administrators
  • Create self-confidence and civic pride as their proposals are implemented
  • Develop financial literacy skills, including budgeting and financial planning
You should know this about your contribution:

  • While FirstRoot will manage the funds, students will determine how the funds are spent
  • Contributions are not tax deductible
  • Contributions are not refundable
  • Stripe charges a small processing fee to manage transactions
  • If the program at one school is cancelled your contribution will be applied to a different school
  • Unless you tell us otherwise, we will list your name as a contributor and the amount you contributed

Become a PB sponsor by donating!

We have raised $6,864.42

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