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What is Participatory Budgeting?

Participatory Budgeting (PB for short) is a democratic process in which a group of people determines how to invest a shared budget. With PB for schools, teachers can run PB cycles with students and democratically decide how to spend a shared PB budget; Making real change like fixing the cafeteria, buying a 3D printer, science lab equipment to name a few examples. With PB for families, parents and kids can decide together where the next vacation will be, or what charitable cause they want to support.

Students and their teacher working together

Give me an overview of PB in schools

In this overview, we present how PB works in schools Take a look at the key PB phases such as planning, ideation, refinement, voting, and implementation.

The FirstRoot financial literacy curriculum was developed to empower both teachers and students with core life skills and a way to improve their community. Our curriculum is ideal for school administrators, teachers, and even a parents! Feel free to download our FirstRoot Curriculum Principles and our lesson plan.

FirstRoot FinLit Curriculum

How to run a PB cycle

Our documentation teaches you everything you need to know to run a PB cycle using FirstRoot.

Learn the basics like what is a PB cycle’s theme, PB budget and the PB phases that include planning, ideation, refinement, voting, and implementation.

Learn how PB administrators are responsible for managing the PB cycle, creating the voting ballot and ratifying voting results.

FirstRoot documentation

FirstRoot PB App

In this app overview video, you’ll see the FirstRoot app in action through every PB phase! From ideation to voting and implementation!

Get started!

The FirstRoot PB app is available both in web and mobile versions. We’re glad you will be joining our community of change makers and help us enhance financial literacy and democracy in youth around the world!

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