Since FirstRoot was created, there’s been a significant progress on our app’s product development, with increasing and continuous releases, we’ve managed to have Participatory Budgeting pilot programs in schools.

FirstRoot School Fund Annual Report 2021

Our purpose is to promote Participatory Budgeting by making targeted grants to schools to help them initiate programs.

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Purdue Polytechnic High School

Indianapolis, IN – At PPHS, high school students had the opportunity to collaborate and invest a $2,500 budget. After ideation and voting, participants decided to invest in a new mini-library, a new pergola for the school, names in sports gear, play music in between classes, and a brand new dance club.

Academy of American Studies

New York, NY – At the Academy, high school students used our Participatory Budgeting app to invest $2000 in some surprising ways. In addition to purchasing equipment for the science lab and a 3D printer, the #1 vote recipient was new feminine hygiene product dispensers for all the women’s restrooms.

Huegel Elementary

Madison, WI – At Huegel Elementary, three 5th grade classes were each given $500 to invest in their school. The students decided to pool their investment capital to make a bigger impact. Winning proposals included a new tree for the school garden, a new soccer goal for the playground, and graduation caps.

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