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Achieve greater social responsibility

By partnering with FirstRoot, you can increase the number of financial literate youth, enhance their civic engagement and target a demographic of underserved youth.

The benefits for young people are that they get to engage in democracy, learn how to manage money and improve their school and community.

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Benefits to your organization…

  • Empower young people
  • Improve financial literacy
  • Invest in the future of society
  • Improve the world around us
  • Achieve greater social impact

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Fund a PB program

You can pick the school or schools or FirstRoot can pick a Title I school. Guiding stipulations with each donation are:

  • The money is given with a few limitations
  • There are no vested interests promoted
  • Investments are nonpartisan and non-denominational

How is your money distributed? 75% of that money goes to a participatory budgeting cycle and 25% of that money pays for the FirstRoot application and financial literacy.

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Powered by FirstRoot

You have the curriculum and we have the app!

Ideal for banks, credit unions, and other providers of financial literacy who seek an app in a hands-on learning experience.

Enables your organization to integrate FirstRoot into the existing curriculum. Unlike slow, tedious, and hard to administer in person program, The FirstRoot app provides an immediately accessible solution apart.

Let’s Power Up!
FirstRoot API

For companies who wish to integrate PB into their existing applications.

The FirstRootAPI provides a complete solution for all phases of Participatory Budgeting. Unlike other open source solutions, which require you to create and manage an entire backend infrastructure.

The FirstRoot API enables you to focus on creating your client. Let’s talk about how first route advances your mission while we don’t know what your mission is, but here’s our mission.

Let’s Integrate!

Improve financial literacy and civic engagement around the world.

Help us give young people a voice and choice.
If you partner with us, you can use FirstRoot to advance your mission.

Our amazing partners

FirstRoot is really proud to collaborate with some awesome people from around the globe!

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