Participatory Budgeting in Schools

Learn more about FirstRoot and PB in Schools with our 1-pagers, handbooks and toolkits. Feel free to download and share as you see fit in order to bring democracy into action!

FirstRoot PB 1-Pager

Learn more about FirstRoot, PB in Schools and how our platform works. Feel free to share with teachers, parents and others to make it happen!

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Overview for Teachers

This overview covers the essentials, what is Participatory Budgeting, PB phases, how PB teaches core life skills, how FirstRoot works, and FAQs.

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PB Handbook for Schools

In this overview, you’ll learn how to setup a PB cycle with FirstRoot. Setting up a PB theme, budget and how each of the PB phases work.

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FirstRoot Privacy Policy

FirstRoot is committed to our users privacy, in this 1-pager overview you’ll learn how we handle personal information when visiting our website.

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