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Achieve greater social responsibility

FirstRoot is building the world’s first platform for democratic financial decision making in schools.

We give students a real money budget and support them as they decide how to invest it. They make real change happen in their school with real money. We’ve had students invest in feminine hygiene products, 3D printers, mini libraries, and much more improvements for their schools.

How might we partner with your Rotary Club?

By partnering with FirstRoot, you can increase the number of financial literate youth, enhance their civic engagement and target a demographic of underserved youth.

The benefits to young people are that they get to engage in democracy, learn how to manage money and improve their school and community.

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Benefits to your organization…

  • Empower young people
  • Improve financial literacy
  • Invest in the future of society
  • Improve the world around us
  • Achieve greater social impact

Fund a Participatory Budgeting (PB) program!

You can pick the school or schools or FirstRoot can help pick a Title 1 school.

Guiding stipulations with each donation are:

  • The money is given with a few limitations
  • There are no vested interests promoted
  • Investments are nonpartisan and non-denominational

How is your money distributed?

75% of that money goes to a participatory budgeting cycle and 25% of that money pays for the FirstRoot application and financial literacy.

Your Rotary Club can fund a Participatory Budgeting cycle and have your respective Interact Club take the lead on publicizing the program in their school.

Do we pass your Four-Way Test?

Let’s Invest!

Improve financial literacy and civic engagement around the world.

Help us give young people a voice and choice.
If you partner with us, you can use FirstRoot to advance your mission.

Our current partners:

Ready to become our partner?

Our team is ready to work with you on finding the right match, let’s talk and partner up so you can start making a real impact in the world!

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