Participatory Budgeting (PB) empowers youth to determine how to invest a shared budget to improve their school. Youth experience true agency and stewardship over their futures, learning through their own experiences how money really works.

The FirstRoot app makes Participatory Budgeting easy! Our app guides youth through every phase in the PB. It is scalable, secure, and FUN!

FirstRoot makes PB so easy that you can use our app in more places than just schools!

PB in Schools

Teach core life skills by investing real money in real projects that will help the school or community. Our curriculum empowers teachers with PB!

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Classrooms & Clubs

Empower youth to have a say in how their classroom or club functions. The FirstRoot platform is super flexible and can support smaller groups and faster PB cycles.

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Districts & Network

Our Network Solution extends the FirstRoot Participatory Budgeting app with additional capabilities designed for school districts or multi-school networks.

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PB for Families

Teach your children financial values and financial literacy as your family uses Participatory Budgeting to plan vacations, charitable donations, and more!

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Learn what teachers have to say about their PB cycles using the FirstRoot App!

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