Empower your children with the knowledge, skills, and values needed to manage financial resources for a lifetime of financial well-being

Parents can use FirstRoot in two ways:

  • At Home: Parents can teach financial values and financial literacy by using Participatory Budgeting with their children to plan vacations, charitable donations, and more!
  • At School: Parents can advocate for financial literacy and civics in their schools and help schools implement Participatory Budgeting programs.


What can YOU do with PB in your family?

Planning a Family Vacations, Making Charitable Donations, Planning Home Improvements – and MORE!

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Our team has created complete lesson plans for Financial Literacy and Civics.

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Learn everything you need to know to run PB cycles with friends and family.

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We’ve gathered some of the best PB resources to help you get started.

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We’re all part of a bigger movement!

Our solutions support the very best PB approaches from around the world!

Participatory Budgeting Project
PB in Scotland
University of Illinois at Chicago
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Our amazing partners

FirstRoot is proud to collaborate with awesome people and value-aligned organizations from around the globe!

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