Participatory Budgeting Project

A Guide to PB in Schools

A recognized leader in the PB movement, the Participatory Budgeting Project has published this guide to help schools get started with PB.

FirstRoot makes implementing the guide fast, efficient, and easy.

PBP Guide overview

The PBP Guide is organized into two main sections:

  • Planning provides guidance on how to plan your PB program, including securing the budget
  • Lessons provide 18 sessions that teachers can use to guide the execution of the program

This guide is flexible and does not align to any standards. Teachers seeking a curriculum aligned to standards may wish to explore the Great Cities Institute guide.

How does the FirstRoot support the PBP Guide?

In-person Participatory Budgeting are complex, tedious, costly, and error-prone. The FirstRoot PB app makes implementing PB simple, enjoyable, and eliminates the mistakes that can happen when trying to manage such things as paper ballots and the tabulation of voting results.

  • The FirstRoot app supports all PB cycle phases

  • You can run multiple, simultaneous PB cycles

  • Makes engaging all students easy

  • The FirstRoot financial literacy and civics curriculum makes it easy to integrate PB into existing classrooms
  • Provides teachers with data to manage engagement

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